Association, Aggregation and Composition

 Filed Under: Object Oriented Association, aggregation and composition are three kind of relationships which classes can have in object oriented programming. Let’s understand the difference between them. Table of Contents 1. Association 2. Aggregation 3. Composition 4. Summary 1. Association in Java We call association those relationships whose objects have an independent lifecycle and where there is no ownership between the … Read more

Composition and Inheritance

Objects and Java by Bill VennersChapter 6:Composition and Inheritance Modeling the relationships between types is a fundamental part of the process of object-oriented design. This chapter shows you how to model relationships using composition and inheritance. It describes many facets of inheritance in Java, including abstract classes and final classes. [bv:need better intro] Composition As … Read more

Understanding Association, Aggregation, and Composition

In this article we will try to understand 3 important concepts association, aggregation and composition. Download source code – 14.1 KB Table of contents Introduction Extracting real world relationships from a requirement Requirement 1: The IS A relationship Requirement 2: The Using relationship: Association Requirement 3: The Using relationship with Parent: Aggregation Requirements 4 and … Read more

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