pre_get_post Practical Uses

Fred Meyer / July 5, 2016 Posted In: Back-End Development Tags: hooks, pre_get_posts, Up and Running, WordPress APIs, WordPress functions Difficulty: Advanced, Intermediate In WordPress, pre_get_posts is an action that makes it possible to modify an existing WP_Query, before that query is actually run. pre_get_posts offers some solutions that are more performant than writing a … Read more

Querying relationship fields

Documentation  Guides  Querying relationship fields Overview This tutorial will cover the techniques to query relationship fields in both directions. The example used will be “Doctors” and “Locations”. Screenshots To save time, this tutorial will not cover the setup process for the 2 post types and their custom fields. However, the screenshots bellow show the data we will … Read more

Custom Fields vs. Custom Taxonomies, When to (Not) Use?

Demo Online Generator Post Type Generator Taxonomy Generator Custom Fields vs. Custom Taxonomies, When to (Not) Use? Today, a lot of developers use custom fields to store data for their custom post types. Plugins for custom fields such as Meta Box provide an easy way to create them with tons of options. Developers don’t need … Read more

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