A beginner’s guide to JPA and Hibernate Cascade Types

A beginner’s guide to JPA and Hibernate Cascade Types Introduction JPA translates entity state transitions to database DML statements. Because it’s common to operate on entity graphs, JPA allows us to propagate entity state changes from Parents to Child entities. This behavior is configured through the CascadeType mappings. JPA vs Hibernate Cascade Types Hibernate supports all JPA Cascade Types and some additional legacy cascading styles. The following table draws an association between JPACascade Types … Read more

Spring ORM example – JPA, Hibernate, Transaction

Welcome to the Spring ORM Example Tutorial. Today we will look into Spring ORM example using Hibernate JPA transaction management. I will show you a very simple example of Spring standalone application with following features. Dependency Injection (@Autowired annotation) JPA EntityManager (provided by Hibernate) Annotated transactional methods (@Transactional annotation) Table of Contents [hide] 1 Spring … Read more

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