Querying relationship fields

Documentation  Guides  Querying relationship fields Overview This tutorial will cover the techniques to query relationship fields in both directions. The example used will be “Doctors” and “Locations”. Screenshots To save time, this tutorial will not cover the setup process for the 2 post types and their custom fields. However, the screenshots bellow show the data we will … Read more

The Complete Guide to WordPress Performance Optimization

According to Builtwith.com, WordPress holds close to 50% of the CMS share of the world’s top 1,000,000 websites. As for the ecommerce sphere, we’re at 33% with WooCommerce. And if we cast a wider net, percentages go higher. Although we may complain that WordPress can get bloated, resource-heavy, and its data model leaves a lot to be desired, there is no denying that WordPress is everywhere.

Veliki Market

Web aplikacija za oglašavanje samostalnih proizvođača hrane U poslednjih nekoliko dana smo realizovali spontanu ideju neformalne grupe stručnih ljudi, te vam ponosno predstavljamo Veliki market – web aplikaciju na WordPress platformi, gde možete potpuno besplatno oglasiti i pretražiti samostalne proizvođače hrane. Usluga je potpuno besplatna i takva će i ostati, a posebnu zahvalnost izražavamo mCloud-u … Read more

Getting Started with Web Applications

A web application is a dynamic extension of a web or application server. There are two types of web applications: Presentation-oriented: A presentation-oriented web application generates interactive web pages containing various types of markup language (HTML, XML, and so on) and dynamic content in response to requests. Chapters Chapter 4, Java Servlet Technology through Chapter 15, Internationalizing and Localizing Web … Read more


HTML Full list of HTML elements As a reminder, in most browsers you can right-click on a page and select View Source to see the HTML code used to render the page. Basic HTML Tag Description Example <html> All content of your webpage must go inside <html></html> tags.   <head> Contains information about the webpage.The title tag goes inside <head></head> tags. … Read more

Spring Boot and WordPress CMS Integration

https://kamranzafar.org/2016/08/08/spring-boot-and-wordpress-integration/   kamranAugust 8, 2016Integration, Java, Spring, WordPress There are a lot of excellent open source content management systems available today,  WordPress being one of them, which is widely used. WordPress is a PHP based CMS so not a lot of cohesion is available with other technologies like Java, and is simply ignored as a viable content management … Read more

How to Create Spring Boot Application Step by Step

http://www.adeveloperdiary.com/java/spring-boot/create-spring-boot-application-step-step/   How to Create Spring Boot Application Step by Step Spring Boot had been built for Rapid Application Development. In this tutorial we will learn How to Create Spring Boot Application using some easy examples. We will also focus on How to deploy spring boot application in different application servers. Here are the following … Read more

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